Monday, November 15, 2010

A new friend ♥

Jie yi ~ my new babe ♥
I meet her during the Resort World Sentosa recruitment work at one u .
we work together and lunch together.
she's a cute girl , and her style is totally same as me.
both of us like pinky pinky stuff and we seems always spot at the same thing , haha its kinda funny =) btw, i like being friend with her.
while together with her the time is so comfortable~ she's too pure =)
I freaking hate girls that having 2 faces! i really beh tahan ~
I'm not willing to aware against them~

Today we did spend a little time at OU..
and had our dinner at Paddington Pancake House ~
my fav. ♥

we're try out my i-baby new app ..teehheee.. its fun!

Jie Yi's alaska ♥
Sharon's pot of gold.
hahaha this is hilarious!!!
spot the differents =)
XD !! she bought me this cute keychain.
Thank you ~
had a great time with you dear~ all the best to you...
and i hope u're the special one ♥
P/S: Bought liese today~ ( Chiffon Beige )
hope this colour is suitable for me =)
Goodnight peeps!!
H E A R T S ,
♥ S H A R O N ♥


hehe specially thanks to Zhen Jing for the manicure nail art =)
i'm so love with the ribbons and those bling bling..=) Big thanks teehee 1st, she start painting my nails with the sharp pinky nail polish ~
yea~ with a red blings french line =)

next, she's going to draw some 3D ribbons on top of it. =) shoooo ~
looks great right? i loves the ribbons so much, it looks like the kitty-chan's ribbon. hehe
for sure i can't do this by myself.

tang dang!!!!! ~~~


cute right? yea~~ :D

p/s: Sharon like it so much , but he don't like it. because of the ribbon~~=(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


just a short post over here.
awww !! i just bought my favourite colour and Hello kitty case for my i-baby~
hehe its so cute right?
Loves Hello kitty lotss lotsss!! =)
im kinda big fans of Hello kitty ~ everythings with pinky pinky & hello kitty i also like it.
my bf always said i'm still a kid ..everything must with hello kitty.
haha but i don't mind, i still love it. ♥♥
this is the real sharon, and it wont change till forever!! =)
now! I wish my room is fulfilled everything about Kitty-chan .hehe
back to the real life , this 2 week i'm getting fatter ..
everynight supper and dessert seriously will make me die..
should start my diet plan tmr.
I don't want to be fatty baby!!
what im going to do now , is eat lesser and exercise.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i'm bored!

i'm now in sevenz pang's room (my bf best friend) ~ im so free here, so use his comp to update my blog.hehe
seven went to gym and my bf is working~ im so boring..
i'm waiting they all back to dine together..
supposing i'm not that free today,

but then why am i here???

Reason:: Morning headed to kota damansara for a casting. its about the Dove shampoo tvc.
its ended so fast!! i tot it will take me few hours. =( i've no where to go, so find sw eat lunch~~
back to the topic about casting..hum i'm not statisfied !! because i didn't did well during the casting.
this was my 1st casting~ i know i'm nervous!! while she ask question, humm i'm like dont know what to answer. ~ i am scare~ i can't speak fluently ~ sigh..
but nvm its just the 1st experience for me~ i will appreciate it .. i should put more confident for the next time..i'm lack of it..
should train myself more because there's many things i should face in the future~ =)

the 1st pic for my self post it from my little i-baby~
gonna take a nap! ciao~

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ello ello

been neglected my blog for 2 months ~
now im back here again...yee=)
now my 2 months holiday ONnnzz ady..~ so i think i'll have much more time to blog here =)
the 1st thing i have to do is find some freelance job and play hard during my holiday..
so peeps!! pls pm to my fb inbox if there's any job ya ..sankiuuu=)
Next, for sure i must shop till drop! haha the whole KL with my lovely babes.
yet, a great great news to me~ my baby boy is coming kl to work during his holiday too~
so should be the best time we can meet each other!! yeah! miss him so mucchiiee..
choooooo =)

till here, off to prepare for tonight dinner at PGRM
will update more soon ~ muckzz

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